Dr. Grab, a resident of Middletown, Pennsylvania, is Secretary of The Watercookies Project. She is a long-time educator, a mother of two, and an enthusiastic promoter of environmental protection. We welcomed Angela to the board in 2018.  


​Randyll Goodnight

Sharon is an author, artist, educator and community builder. A life-long learner, she is also passionate about leaving her grandchildren a healthy world. 

Dr. Angela Grabuloff, Ed.D.

meet our board

30 years in sales , magazine, newspaper and digital ,  backed by hospitality management , Ro currently represents as sales associate for The Sun in Central Pa. 

Education Advisor, North Carolina

Intern Extraordinaire , North Carolina

Zoey is currently a senior at West Henderson High School. Her hobbies include playing softball and writing. Being an athlete, she knows the value of staying hydrated. Being a citizen in our beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, she volunteers her time to help others learn to protect clean rivers and streams.

​​Randi spent much of her career as a research biologist, but then switched her focus and earned a Masters in Special Education to share her passion for science and learning with children who have emotional and physical disabilities. Randi is a passionate environmentalist with a particular interest in wetlands biology and clean water.

Pennsylvania Community Media Advisor

​Helen donelan PrICE

Webmaster/Partnership Development, North Carolina

Pennsylvania Community Development Advisor

28 years + in community development , management with The Harrisburg Regional Chamber of Commerce, Barb currently serves on the Diocese of Harrisburg Catholic Charities Board and the Harrisburg University for Science and Technology Board of Trustees. Avid believer in children and their future, mother of 3 and grandmother of 5, clean water is her concern for America.


  President , Founder of The Watercookies Project 

Ro Zdrojewski 

​​​Helen 's tenure in sales (20 years of success as a Certified Hospitality Sales Professional),  how to motivate young people (mother of two and grandmother of four) and how to take an idea from conception to achievement (Tailor Express). Today she applies those skills to sharing her passion for assuring clean water will always be available across the United States. 

Zoey cole

Sharon Lamhut Willen